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Window Films: The Modern Alternative To The Blind

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More and more people are turning to the alternatives to traditional household items, sometimes because they fancy themselves as chic, but more often than not it’s because that alternative can save them money.

Windows are obviously completely necessary to allow a view out and to let in light, yet the sunlight that travels through windows is the reason behind those unbearable hotspots and irritating fading of your upholstering. Blinds and curtains are added to prevent, and obviously shut out the light completely. Though during the day when the blinds and curtains are open, damaging rays are still able to penetrate the glass. Fortunately, window films are on the market and were designed to prevent solar heat which brings with it a whole host of benefits. They are slowly replacing blinds and curtains in many homes and businesses. What’s more is they don’t constantly require dusting like wooden blinds and the like do.



The range of films available and decorative options means the films won’t be an eyesore to your property and can even be used for aesthetic purposes. And unlike curtains and blinds, the films can make for a more comfortable environment as they make a room a lot cooler, hence you won’t be so hot and bothered as easily. They also protect the glass from shattering in case of an accident or an attempted break-in, whereas your blind may just get the intruder in a bit of a tangle. Most pleasing for you though will be the 40% reduction in utility bills as a result of the film’s benefits and for businesses owners, it is a staggering 80% which of course can be put straight back into the business.

There a number of window films available, decorative window films, heat and UV blocking films and privacy window films. Each come with their own unique benefits and will cater to your individual needs, all films however reduce fading whilst adding a valuable protective layer on your home. Each of the films will be an economical ecological investment for sure.

The various films may differ in their purpose, though they are all made with a micro-thin layer of either vinyl or polyester which is then applied directly to your windows.

Decorative window films offer the appearance of an etched, frosted, textured or stained glass window and they are reusable and removable if you wish to apply them to a different window or similar household surface. Decorative films are able to block UV rays at up to 80-90% and also come with privacy benefits. The downside is that they don’t offer too much heat protection, so if it’s that you’re after then these aren’t for you.

The Heat and UV blocking films are arguably the most efficient and your bank balance will surely agree as they help saving on heating and cooling costs. Like decorative films they block UV rays, this time up to 99% and also block 80% of solar heat. They may reduce glare but as a result this impacts on much light a room may get.

Privacy window films also affect how much light a room may get. They do however prevent people from seeing into the window and can feature a reflective or frosted surface if desired and come in a range of darkness levels.

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