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Window Films: Say Goodbye To Glare

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You may think of glare as nothing more than a minor convenience but it is a serious issue. All year round, glare from the sun can make it difficult to focus, particularly on screens, causing eye-strain and major discomfort and of course if you’re in discomfort then it’s hard for you to give 110%. By the simple application of anti-glare window film, a better working environment will be created as it will provide an instant and effective relief.

Unlike a lot of environmental aides, anti-glare window film comes in an array of finishes with an appearance and performance level that caters to everybody’s preference. The conventional way to reduce glare is usually to fit blinds and curtains, however, such measures can make your room dark and then of course block you from looking out. And not being to see out can be as just as uninspiring as the frustrating glare from the sun. With anti-glare film you get the best of both worlds as it allows high levels of light to pass through the glass but also maintains a view out from your windows. What’s more, once installed the film requires no upkeep and can be wiped using traditional household window cleaning products.

Whilst the film reduces and glare and protects window views it comes with a host of additional benefits, the film’s reflective nature forms an efficient solar control solution. This prevents a large percentage of solar energy from entering the building. This averts a consistent build-up of heat, in the summer such a build-up can culminate unbearably high temperatures and we all know that there is nothing worse than being hot and bothered at work.



The benefits don’t end there, by occupying up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, the film prevents fading so no paintwork will appear washed out as a result of the sun and protects machinery and other soft furnishings from any sun related damage. Minimising damage to machinery will of course increase worker productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Perhaps more important than protecting machinery and upholstery, by filtering UV, the film will act as a protective barrier against harmful rays, particularly for those with sensitive skin. If employees know they’re being protected with such precautions, they will feel valued.

Such a small yet simple investment will go a long way and whilst its main purpose is to reduce that frustrating and extremely damaging glare, its additional benefits make is a must purchase. Employees and actual offices will reap the benefits from the installation and make for a positive working environment.

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