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Why Car Windows Don’t Provide Adequate UV Protection

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When we’re sitting on the beach soaking up the sunshine most of us would be concerned with our skin and would be very careful in making sure to use block and other necessary UV protection products like sunglasses.
Concerns about skin cancer, sunburn, melanoma and a whole range of conditions that we now know exposure from the sun can cause has made us more aware of harmful UV rays. However, there are still times during our everyday lives when it’s something that might not cross our minds.

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For those who spend the majority of their working week in an office next to a window may not realise that they are already putting themselves in the way of the suns potentially harmful rays. We don’t think to slap on sun cream whilst at work and we certainly don’t do it each and every time we head out in our cars.

Recent studies have revealed that standard car windows do very little to offer any protection to drivers against UV rays, particularly the side windows of a vehicle. Whilst the vast majority of windshields on most cars and other vehicles actually help block out UV radiation to some level, other windows around the vehicle offers just varying levels of protection, some as low as just 50%. Many cars have a tint on the windows but even this didn’t assure protection.

UV rays can easily penetrate glass and when you’re on a long drive or commuting back and forth from work twice a day you can very easily forget that the sun’s rays are beating down on you. You could wear long-sleeved garments for extra protection but on a hot and humid day it’s not the most comfortable of solutions. Thankfully there are special window films you can apply to your windows that will help protect you from the glare and harmful rays given off by the sun whilst still allowing visible light to get through, so not to impair your view or vision on the road whist driving.

Car window films also have a number of added benefits that will help make your drive more comfortable. In the hotter months the car will feel a lot cooler and in the colder months when you have your heater on the film will bounce the heat back into the interior of the car. It can even protect your cars upholstery from fading in the sun, especially if it’s left for long periods of time during the day in direct sunlight.


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