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What Is The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

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Environmentally conscious business practices have become more and more commonplace over the past few years mostly thanks to the rising energy costs that many companies have had to face. Coupled with the fact that our carbon footprint and other eco-friendly concepts and processes have become very prominent talking points around the UK has lead to plenty of energy efficient regulations and schemes coming into action.

crc energy scheme

One such government enforced scheme that has been setup to help deal with carbon emissions is the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. This mandatory scheme was setup with the intention to help reduce carbon emissions in the UK by organisations in both the public and private sectors. The aim of the proposal which was introduced back in 2010 is to reduce emissions by 1.2 million tonnes of carbon over the next 10 years. This is part of the governments plan to cut overall emissions by up to 80%.

For companies who do not adhere to these new rulings will face financial penalties. But for those that do can benefit from a number of incentives. Scheme participants are expected to report and measure all of their business’s energy usage and then buy allowances from the Environment Agency which relates to their CO2 emissions. Following registration year on year each participant must reduce their carbon-based emissions.

This commitment has become a business opportunity for many organisations up and down the UK. Participants in the scheme are not only able to cut their costs by improving energy efficiency in many aspects of their business but they are also able to strengthen their standing and promote their environmentally friendly business practices which can only have a positive impact on their reputation. Cutting emissions has also allowed companies to have a financial gain over their competitors and this incentive has helped boost customer confidence as well as putting many businesses in a much better financial position.

There are many helpful ways in which participating organisations are able to reduce their emissions and overall energy consumption. There are plenty of eco-friendly devices and technology-based products that you can implement around your office or premises that are energy saving but there also a number of more simple ways to lower energy usage that you can try out right now. You may require a complete energy audit to determine what is best for your organisation but with simple changes such as introducing energy saving light bulbs, switching off equipment when not in use and taking better control of heating and cooling by implementing special window films, such as solar controlled films, businesses will be able to make huge changes.

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