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What Is Fading And How To Protect Against It

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The presentation and appearance of your business is crucial in order for you to portray your company in the right light, to be professional and to project an image that your clients and your customers will want to work with. If you have guests or clients that will often visit your premises or you have public footfall passing by in particular it is important to make sure that your office space, meeting room and building generally is up to scratch.


If you have a particularly well lit area around your premises that enjoys regular sunlight you may begin to notice over time carpets, furniture, wall art, tiled flooring and upholstery will begin to fade. Through a combination of heat, bright sunlight and ultra violet rays you could find that elements in and around your office soon begin to look a little washed out and tacky. In fact if you decide to have a bit of a change around in the office or your reception area it may become more expensive that you initially thought especially if you’re moving furniture and it shows faded carpets beneath.

These materials and furnishings are particularly sensitive to various environment-related factors and long exposure to sunlight, heat, humidity and other elements can increase their deterioration drastically. UV exposure can also affect paper-based items such as books, photos, boxes, paintings and other wall coverings, items that are likely to be very prominent especially in an office environment.

Thankfully you can protect your furniture and surroundings from potential fading. With UV protection anti-fade window films you can block out up to 99% of all destructive rays. In fact pretty much all ultra violet rays will be blocked by the installed films which will prevent UV from passing through your windows and glassed doors and more importantly prevent the rays from affecting your furniture and other upholsteries.

The films themselves are available in a range of different shades, grades and various finishes meaning that you can select the best fit for your premises. They fit directly over your windows or doors without affecting the look or appearance of the glass itself which means that any potential fading will be slowed down very significantly which could end up saving your business a lot of money instead of having to buy and replace damaged assets, furniture, and other in-office décor.


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