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What Happens When A Bomb Goes Off?

In these uncertain times the threat level for potential terrorist attacks is overwhelming and whether we like it or not we need to be prepared for such eventualities. The idea of a bomb or other device exploding in the vicinity near you or your place of work is a very scary concept to imagine. The damage and destruction caused can an explosive device can be devastating and even worse is the harm it can cause to workers and the general public in the surrounding areas, and in some cases can result in severe injury and in worse case scenarios even death.

bomb blast

Within mere seconds the impact of an exploding bomb is quite incredible and anyone in the area around it will be extremely lucky to walk away unscathed. A bomb is formed using explosive material which is then packed around a device. When it explodes it rapidly heats the contents of the bomb and the detonation pushes outwards for release. Similar to when the lid of a boiling pot you have on the cooker is clicking away as the escaping steam pushes its way out of the pot and into the atmosphere. This tremendously hot compressed air is pushed out into the surrounding area obliterating everything around it.

The amount of explosive used will obviously determine the reach and power of the initial blast wave. Even those in the area nearby would feel the force of a powerful blast wave and could even end up with a serious injury just from the wave itself. However many bombs are filled with dangerous items that are put inside in order to create the most possible damage they can when they are set off. This could be nails or screws or even ball bearings. These highly dangerous projectiles are quickly joined by fragments of other surrounding items dislodged and split up in the blast wave. The speeds in which these fragments move are of great concern especially for people who find themselves nearby at the time of explosion, they could even be life threatening.

Companies with their businesses based in high targeted cities around the world now take issue of security and the protection against terrorist activity very seriously. There are many vigilant ways in which a company’s workforce, local authorities and the general public can work together in helping to prevent or deter would-be terrorists. One such method that businesses have been adopting over the past few years is the installation of Blast Mitigation Solutions. One of which involves externally glazed areas around your company building or premises being covered with bomb blast films, which actually cause broken shards of glass from an explosion to be kept stuck in place by the film. This helps protect both property and more importantly staff from being harmed or injured by flying fragments of glass.

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