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Top Ten: Energy Saving Tips for Businesses and Homes

It’s no secret that the country’s energy usage needs cutting down with rising fuel costs and limited resources. Businesses can do their bit to help preserve resources too, with this handy guide featuring ten energy saving ideas, you’ll see your bills reduced and energy saved.

1. When boiling the kettle, only boil the amount you need. It can be easy to fill the kettle without notice and then stick it on boil but if you were you take and only boil the amount needed for a cup of tea or coffee then there would be enough to light the UK’s streets for a whole month!
2. Using energy saving bulbs is another excellent yet easy way to save money and energy. Greener bulbs use up 80% less energy than your typical bulb and also last a lot longer.

energy saving light bulbs
3. As well as buying energy saving bulbs, be sure to install motion sensitive lights. It’s easy to leave the office lights on even when you leave but with a motion sensor, the lights will automatically turn off when the rooms not in use. And in summer months, turn the lights off at all turns and let the sun’s natural light pour through the windows.
4. Adding solar film onto windows can also save businesses a large amount of money. The film comes with a wealth of benefit, not least do they reduce energy costs but they also maximize CO2 allowances, help you to meet CRC targets, reduce heat and glare and act as barrier to harmful UV rays. Many businesses use solar film as they reduce cooling load and help to maximize allowances. 3M Solar Control Film can add up to 92% more insulating power to your windows so they help to trap heat during those cold winter months.
5. With the film helping to keep offices cool in soaring temperatures and warm when the temperature drops, you can switch off the heating and air conditioning in mild spring or autumn days. Air conditioning isn’t really necessary until the temperatures hit the mid-twenties and if the temperature exceeds 20°C then the heating should be switched off.
6. When leaving the office on a night be sure to switch your monitor off as this can save up a business over £30 a year, and that’s just one monitor so imagine how much a whole office would save…
7. On the subject of computers, try to rid the company of old computers, fridges and boilers. Older models of such products aren’t very energy efficient with newer models coming with energy preserving technology. It may cost you to update them but it will certainly be worth it in the long, and plus you get some new kit.

old computer
8. If possible, try to install solar photovoltaic panels, this can also be a costly procedure but if you find it affordable, it will save you a small fortune over the coming years. Plus, producing your own energy will also help to cut the business’s carbon footprint and all the panels need to produce energy us daylight.

9. Be sure to also take regular metre readings as this will allow you to keep track of how much energy the business is using and you can advise employees to cut down on their energy usage.

Solar Panel roof
10. For employees, put posters up around the workplace reminding them of the energy saving measures in place at the business. They will be sure to take note as it takes no effort to be efficient!

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