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Solar films Are The Rising Star Of The Eco-Technology Market

There a number of eco-technology products on the market nowadays and more and more people are getting on board.

Though are there still many skeptics on how such technology works and whether the benefits are as good as people claim. Solar control window films are just of many eco-technology innovations that can save you money all year round, as well as being kind to the environment.

Solar films have a microscopically thin low-emissivity layer of metal which blocks heat during summer and traps it during winter. The energy saving films are easy to apply and very inexpensive, definite value for money. They come in large rolls or alternatively, smaller do-it-yourself kits and can be picked up at most centres. The kits are well packed with application tools, the film and a squeegee. However, one thing to bear in mind is that if you’re planning on doing most of the windows in your house then it will work out much cheaper for you to buy a large roll and then the tools separately. Such an inexpensive purchase yet one on that will save you a small fortune in the long run.

Whilst solar panels and similar eco-technological tools are visible, the films are not darkly tinted or excessively reflective (think mirrored office block windows) hence most people won’t even know the film is there.


The colour and amount tint of the film has to more do with its science rather than its appearance. Darkly tinted films with low-emissivity coating work best in hot climates as they block the majority of heat and reduce glare. The downside is that it does bode well for solar heating as it also blocks heat when is it cold, so it wouldn’t be ideal for those winter months.

However, a lightly tinted, low-emissivity film works well in all climates thus provides energy savings all year round, saving you money. Like the darkly tinted film, it blocks heat during summer, the difference is that in winter, it allows some solar heat in. Furthermore, it reduces that chilly sensation you often feel when near windows at night, so your heating bill would certainly be reduced.

One benefit that may come as a surprise is that you won’t be pulling out for the upkeep for soft-furnishings and upholstery as much as your furniture will be protected and your paint work will no longer irritatingly fade as much. This is down to the film blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Totally clear films with zero tint are also available and like the lightly-tinted film, reduce fading doing too. Additionally, the clear film lowers the risk of the glass shattering when broken, again minimizing costs for you.




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