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The Difference Between Window Tints And Window Films

You may have heard about window tints and window films but are a little unsure what the difference between the two might be. Well thankfully there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the terms but there are subtle divergences between the two products that can help benefit residential and commercial property owners in slightly different ways.

Window films can provide homeowners and business owners the ability to protect their properties from sunlight exposure. The main benefit of a window film is that it can help block out harmful UV rays which can not only protect your furniture and upholstery, if you install anti-fade window films, but thanks to its UV prevention it can lower heat transfer which means it can improve a property’s energy efficiency significantly. Most window films do have a slight tint to them with some featuring a more mirrored effect on the outside but even standard window films can prevent UV rays from getting through.

Other types of window films offer extra benefits that range from security to safety protection. Anti-graffiti window films can be placed on glass, metal or mirrored surfaces and will help prevent the areas from getting scratched or gouged. They are particularly cost-effective because if the films get damaged they can simple be replaced whilst the original layer underneath is fully protected from damage. Other films can also help protect employees inside your business premises by keeping glass in place in the event of it shattering due to an attack or natural disaster that may occur.

Window tint is a type of window film product that may be more suitable for business and commercial property owners as opposed to standard residential homeowners. They offer business premises the opportunity to add a little more privacy or style around the office. Unlike standard window films a window tint will not commonly provide UV protection or offer any energy efficient benefits around the workplace. The tint will help cut down on glare from the sun but it certainly won’t help protect your employees from harmful UV rays.

A window tint is primarily used for aesthetical reasons and also to help provide added security to certain areas in order to protect confidential assets and other sensitive information. A frosted tint can be added to doors and windows around the office to block views or even simply just to brighten up the area in a modern and stylish manner. They can even be cut, shaped or patterned to just cover a portion of the glass surface.

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