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The Dangers Posed By Overhead Glazing

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Glass is a particularly dangerous, yet often a necessary material for homes and business premises alike. It allows light into a building and can also help provide an architectural edge to the property or venue in question. Unfortunately panes of glass can be broken quite easily and therefore provide a potential risk for personnel and the general public. But whilst standard glass can be broken or smashed in a variety or ways, whether accidentally or purposely, it’s important to consider what sort of  damage this could cause to those in the surrounding area.



If glass in a public area or in and around a private or residential structure is broken or smashed it could lead to an injury or other more severe damage or harm to property or even people. Thankfully, there are ways you can protect or strengthen glass in order to prevent such accidents from occurring in the first place. These types of reinforced glass solutions are also crucial when it comes to protecting the general public and personnel from the hazards and dangers that are posed by the use of overhead glazing.

Overhead glazing can now be found in many buildings, whether they’re older style buildings or even modern alternatives that are more architecturally creative. They can be found in places such as public transport hubs like bus and train stations or even airports and it’s these types of areas that have a particularly heavy footfall and therefore taking care of public health and safety issues are of the utmost importance.

In the event of an accidental breakage or even a more serious threat, such as a terrorist or bomb attack, overhead glazing poses a particular danger to those below. Various safety films or other similar solutions provided by National Window Films can be used to help prevent such accidents.

These films can be applied to areas that would be susceptible to damage and would therefore hold together broken shards of glass so they wouldn’t fall into the areas below which could cause even more damage and harm. You can also apply a special edge-retention system that ensures that all glass is held firmly within the frame to avoid it falling.

Aside from films the glass itself can be strengthened by utilising special safety glass that is constructed with protection in mind. PVB laminated glass is formed with multiple sheets of a plastic interlayer which helps to make the glass stronger and safer whilst wired glass has an internal steel mesh which holds the cracked glass safely in place.

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