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The Dangers Businesses Face From Cyber Crime

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Cyber-based criminal activity has become an extremely prominent aspect of our everyday lives and it’s most certainly something that businesses are now very keen to try and avoid or at the very best deter. Nowadays the majority of online business deals with transactions that are carried out in the millions whilst sensitive personal data and other information is constantly being shared in this virtual environment. It’s the ideal target for criminality and cyber criminals, who can expertly obtain, intercept and steal this data. They can attack without warning and often without business owners even realising it’s happen before it’s far too late to do anything about.



There are many cyber-related dangers that businesses and the financial sector have to face on a daily basis and so the implementation of top level security solutions and other threat-based prevention is absolutely crucial. The Financial Services (FC) sector is very familiar with cyber threats and has fallen victim to such attacks on a number of occasions. The way in which cybercriminals target online victims

Cyber-defence is an absolute necessity for all companies that deal with online trade on a frequent basis. For any site that requires customers to sign up their personal information for the purpose of online subscriptions or to accept payments must ensure that their users are confident with the service. By implementing various fraud deterrents and having contingency plans in action in the event of a cyber attack sites and online businesses can help discourage such fraudulent activity.

One such way in which businesses can help increase security is by installing signal defence film on their windows and other glazed areas around their offices. The main job of this defensive film is to protect both infrared (IR) and Radio frequency (RF) signal leakage from buildings and business-related properties. With more of us now using mobile and wireless-based devices and connections we are opening up the opportunity for cyber criminals to intercept this confidential data. And signal leakage through glazed areas is one such way this valuable data can be captured and stolen.

Signal defence film can be surface applied to existing windows and doors and their implementation can reduce such signal leakage from leaving the building. It provides a more secure net around your offices where wireless signals are used the most protecting your staff and of course your company data from ending up in the wrong hands.


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