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Protecting Your Business Against Graffiti

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Even though many would consider a certain type of graffiti to be an urban work of art nowadays there are plenty of allocated areas and walls where budding street artists can leave their spray paint creations. Unfortunately many local areas and business premises often find themselves the victim of unwanted graffiti and markings and unless they have an open mind or find their building is now sporting a Banksy masterpiece they want it gone as soon as possible.

window scratch

Attempting to deter potential graffiti artists can be difficult and more often than not the same location will be targeted again and again. So no sooner than a council worker or employee has spent his or her time cleaning up the area to rid it of the unwanted eyesore there’ll be a new piece of urban street art up in its place. Whilst most walls on the receiving end of graffiti can be easily washed or repainted where necessary it’s mirrored and metal surfaces that face the most damage.

Graffiti markings and other etchings physically carved and scratched into both mirrored and metal surfaces can be almost impossible to remove. Vandals often target these areas which can often be found inside elevators, in public restrooms or on signs by scratching and gouging their graffiti works or text into the areas leaving these expensive features practically ruined, and where the only real viable option most of the time is to completely replace them.

Thankfully there is a much more suitable, practical and less expensive way in which businesses and building owners can deter so-called graffitiers and vandals by installing mirror repair or metal repair anti-graffiti film. These excellent sacrificial films cover the areas in question protecting the base layer from being damaged or scratched in anyway. The films are thin and transparent and do not affect the look or mirrored effect whatsoever but they are powerful enough to protect the surface underneath.

Of course the film itself will get the brunt of the scratching and gouging which means it will still look damaged. But there will no need to get the original surface replaced, which can be a costly affair. All you need to do is simply remove the ruined film and replace it with a new one. What’s even more impressive is if the original surface is already damaged, prior to you installing a protective film, the new films will simply cover-up the damage the vandals have already carried out.


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