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Precautions Businesses Can Take As The UK Continues To Fight Terrorism Threat

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The reality of an imminent terror attack in Britain is terrifying for all and unfortunately, there is no escaping that bleak reality.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the commissioner of the Met Police was brutally honest when he admitted that a terror attack was a matter of “when, not if”. There are five possible levels for a terror threat and the UK’s is currently severe, the second worst of the five. That level has stood since 2014 and means an attack is highly likely.

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The tragic attacks seen across Europe in France, Belgium and Germany as well as the harrowing events in the Middle East have conjured up a sense of fear in Britain.

The head of the force admitted that he whilst he may be in charge of preventing an attack, there is no way of doing that entirely.

There may be no way to avoid the repercussions of such a devastating event, but there are ways for businesses to mitigate the damage. Devices like Blast Mitigation Window Films can limit the damage from blasts, whatever the cause.

National Window Films work exclusively with the specialist window film manufacturer of choice, 3M. The 3M UltraSafety Bomb Mitigation Films are the most cost savvy way to mitigate damage from blasts.

It’s no secret that a powerful blast caused by a bomb can create immeasurable destruction, not least the loss of human life. In March this year, bombings in Belgium took the lives of 32 innocent victims.

In most cases, the blast itself is far from the least on it. Blasts can have a devastating effect on glazing, a single square foot of glass can create up to 200 razor-sharp fragments. Such fragments of course can turn out to be deadly and can cause severe injury and in the worst case scenario, death.

The 3M UltraSafety Bomb Mitigation Films can help to prevent this situation. The synthetic chords in the film are designed to stretch and would absorb the energy of the blast whilst constraining the movement of the shards inwards and outwards. The films are easy to fit and can be retrofitted to glazing of any building. Such a small and simple investment but one that could genuinely save lives in the event of an attack. The films have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re up to the job. Undergoing a series of tests the films not only met performance requirements whilst been tested against varieties of blast loads but exceeded its requirements.


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