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Planning For Bomb And Physical Security

It’s incredible to think that we now live in such uncertain times that businesses and public venues have to seriously take into consideration all possible security threats. Here in the UK as well as many other major cities and towns around the world are always on high alert over potential threats to their way of life. Terrorism and other such fears are now simply part of our everyday life and whilst the authorities do their utmost best to deter such attacks it’s important that companies located in potentially targeted areas help protect their premises and their workers from injury and even more serious harm.



Prevention is the key and there are many ways in which law enforcement agencies as well as members of the public can work together to stop potential threats or would-be attacks. A bomb attack can cause overwhelming damage, especially in an enclosed and very public area. If a bomber or those making the threat, notify authorities or your business before it goes off, then it will be necessary to clear the building and the surrounding areas immediately. Even if the threat turns out to be false it still needs to be taken seriously to help protect employees and the general public.

It is recommended that companies and business owners have a suitable physical security plan as well as a bomb incident plan in place that owners, management and key staff members are fully aware of. A physical security plan is put in place to help protect the property or premises in question. It guards against unlawful access to a building as well as other elements of potential sabotage, damages or other illegal activity. Physical security also helps protect personnel in the building to keep them safe in such instances of criminal intent. Typically a company will already have plans and procedures relating to physical security to protect their employees and property.

However, with terrorist attacks and bombings occurring in major cities all over the world, including London it has been necessary for companies to create plans for possible bomb incidents. Such plans would have to incorporate details relating to a chain of command in such instances. It is there to help key personnel take control of scenarios such as bomb scare or impending threat to allow a calm and organised way in which to handle the situation and cause the least amount of panic.

Amongst some of the best solutions for helping to avoid unnecessary destruction and even injury or death when a bomb attack occurs is the installation of blast mitigation film. This film is placed on glass windows and doors around your premises and if a bomb or blast occurs broken shards of glass are kept in place between the film which stops flying shards from harming your property or personnel.


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