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New Solar Control Product Set To Transform The Roofing Industry

Inventor and creative Elon Musk is set to unveil a brand new solar panel-based product towards the end of 2016 which is set to revolutionise the roofing industry.

Musk’s company SolarCity, which has been bought up by Tesla, is looking to transform the common roofing tile into a small solar panel which is being referred to as a solar “shingle”.

With more and more businesses, as well as residential properties now actively seeking out suitable eco-friendly solutions; this could be a ground-breaking development which could finally see us change our relationship with solar power and how we best generate our own energy.

Solar Panel Roofing

Effectively the product will be a complete solar roof as opposed to separate solar modules. The aim of the product is not just to be a replacement for traditional roofing; but as an alternative to the roof altogether.

The company are set to target the industry itself so that new builds can also be constructed with these solar panels already in place. For those looking to replace their roofs in the next few years, this product can be used as a direct replacement which will be stronger and last longer, as well as generate a significant amount of electricity and power for the household.

Currently most standard solar panels have to be physically mounted onto existing roofs.  SolarCity’s new and exiting product on the other hand will be able to effectively replace existing tiles.

By the end of the year SolarCity will be releasing two different solar products, one of which will be integrated into the roof itself and another that will be able to be applied to existing roofs. Of course it’s not the only solar-based product on the market that can be readily applied to existing structures. Solar Control Window Film can also be applied to windows and glazed doorways in order to help eliminate harmful sun rays and even help regulate temperature.

There has yet to be any official announcement with regards to the details about the pricing involved with SolarCity’s new products either for domestic or through industry use; however it’s something that is still receiving plenty of interest ahead of its release.

Creator Musk has already confirmed that “people are going to be really excited about what they see.” Unfortunately the release date is still unknown at the moment but the company are promising to have the products ready before the year is out.

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