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Manchester United Add Anti-Shatter Window Film to Old Trafford Stadium

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Back in January, the Mirror reported that Manchester United were making Old Trafford ‘terror-proof’. Having espoused the benefits of anti-shatter window film for a long time, it came as no surprise to us that staff were ordered to cover every single window at Old Trafford with the stuff.

The move came as the self-declared “Biggest Football Club in the World” stepped up security in the wake of the Paris terror attacks in November 2015. Considering Old Trafford’s famous glass exterior, this is very sensible.

This is especially true considering that the current global political climate is volatile to say the least. With recent bomb blasts in Jakarta, Turkey as well as attacks in Paris, France.

Considering that the stadium has a seating capacity of 75,000, the move has the potential to save many thousands of lives.

Workmen made sure they attached the film to every window pane; a huge job given the amount of glass around Old Trafford. Yet products such as these, much like our 3M UltraSafety Bomb Mitigation Films are also an extremely cost-effective to guard against blasts – whatever the cause.


Reasons to protect against bomb blasts

A bomb explosion throws the bomb casing, as well as any other shrapnel included in the bomb (screws, nails etc.) violently away from its source. This normally creates more lethal fragments and causes even more damage.

In fact, a bomb blast has the power to cause immeasurable destruction. This is especially true when it hits glass. One square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp glass pieces. Flying glass shards are very often the cause of severe injury and death in such situations.

In the event of a blast, synthetic chords in the film stretch. This absorbs the energy of the blast as well as stopping glass shards from moving inwards or outwards.

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