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Low Tech Energy Saving Devices And Tactics

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The evolution of technology has allowed all sorts of innovative ideas and concepts come to market over the past few years. Coupled with the increasing interest in environmentally friendly options and energy saving devices we’ve seen a barrage of tech-heavy products arrive all looking to help lower our energy usage and bills as well as provide more sustainable solutions. But it’s not just about investing in new technology in order to help ease the strain on the environment there are plenty of low tech ways in which to help achieve a similar result.

With the amount of mobile-based devices and other gadgets used on a daily basis there is plenty of charging time to be had. Whether it’s a mobile, laptop, tablet or other device you will often pass an outlet in your home that is most likely filled up with something on charge. But instead of simply plugging in and hiking up your electricity bill how about investing in some special solar charging units? These extremely useful devices can store energy converted from sunlight, which not only will suitably charge your gadget but is also typically small enough for you to even take on your travels.

solar charging

We’ve all heard about the advantages of saving water but quite frankly it’s very easy to take for granted the fact that you can just walk over to a tap, turn it on, and get fresh clean water. So cutting down on showers, watering the garden and other elements of water usage you get through can make a world of difference but don’t forget it’s the same in the bathroom. Toilets with half, full and economic flush levels will help save water and wastage by reducing the amount of water you use and simply flush long enough as required.

Heating your home can be a costly affair especially in those chilly winter months. But instead of simply focusing on increasing the heat in your month and turning up the thermostat, look at other ways of keeping the heat in. Insulating the windows around your home either by replacing the glass itself or putting up insulated blinds or curtains will be able to help you take better control of the temperature inside your home. Even the installation of window films can help you to block out UV rays and improve the overall warmth within your household.

Energy costs are constantly on the rise and homeowners are always keen on finding ways in which to save money on their energy bills. Typically these costs increase during the winter as heating rates and usage go up but with the installation of self-reliant energy sources such as solar panels on your property can help generate all the energy you’ll need to power your home. The energy generated from solar heat can be stored and used around your home.

solar panels

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