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Indian Solar Plant Opens to Become World’s Largest Solar Farm



Worlds Largest Solar Farm

A solar power farm situated in central India is now operational, making it the world’s largest solar energy plant in existence.  The massive solar operation was officially linked to the national power grid on September 21 by contractor Adani Green Energy Ltd and becomes the current largest such installation worldwide. The landmark comes as no surprise when a closer look is taken at the numbers involved in bringing the project to completion.

Situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the solar farm covers 2, 500 acres and produces enough environmentally friendly, green energy for up to 300 000 households in the country.

The project was commissioned by the government and Adani will supply the national grid with 648 Megawatts at an agreed fixed price over a period of 25 years.

India’s Ambitious Solar Energy Goals

Such a massive green energy project would be a great step in the right direction with regards to renewable energy for any country, but India’s ambitious solar energy goals go even further. The new solar farm consists of a quarter of a million solar modules, over 150 transformers half a thousand inverters, and thousands of kilometres worth of cables. All of which came in at a total cost of $679 million and earned the project a feature on the National Geographic’s television documentary series ‘Megastructures’.

The solar parks’ achievements do not end there however, as the massive undertaking was also completed in a record time of just eight months despite facing challenges such as the regions’ infamous monsoons and the resulting floods.

As mentioned above, Adani’s solar farm is hardly an outlier in India, as the country places ever more emphasis on developing green energies and solar in particular. The country’s ambitious solar energy goals include a target capacity of 100 gigawatts by 2022 that was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. In addition, India’s Energy Minister also recently announced plans for an even larger project in Pavagada that could ultimately produce up to 5 GW of power on its own.

India’s renewable energy plans are certainly as impressive as they are encouraging for environmentalists and the country’s population as whole. The government’s stated solar energy goals are five times the country’s initial target but its chances of achieving them will receive a welcome boost from the Tamil Nadu site. Such mega projects will ensure the country’s growing populace will have a better chance of having access to electricity without increasing the nation’s carbon footprint.

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