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How Window Films Can Help Schools

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There are many benefits that window film can provide businesses and homes; from protecting employees and residents from external factors to increasing safety and even helping to reduce energy costs. But did you know that window film can also benefit schools up and down the country from both a safety aspect well as a financial point of view?

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Health and safety is an extremely important factor to consider when you’re dealing with children and therefore all the facilities around your school and the surrounding environment should be safe and secure for all students and staff members alike. Many modern schools now feature large panes of glass in place in various areas around the premises in order to help let more light in. However large glassed areas can provide a potential safety risk to students.

Window film installations can make glass shatter-resistant and can even be digitally imprinted with the schools’ logo to ensure large areas of glass, especially glass doorways, are more noticeable. This also provides an added layer of security around the school to help deter burglars from breaking windows in order to gain entry to the school.

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Aside from the physical aspects of glass safety a window film can also help protect students in other ways. During those overly warm summer months many classrooms become hot and stuffy making it very difficult for both students and teachers to fully concentrate and make it through the day.

One such way in which window films can assist with this issue is by helping to increase comfort and even productivity by reducing any added glare and uncomfortable heat produced by the sun. It can even block UV rays which are harmful to the skin.

Window film installation can provide all sorts of benefits in the education field but schools can really take advantage of their cost-effectiveness. Not only do they require lower maintenance compared to that of traditional blinds but they are an excellent way to help lower those bills and energy costs thanks to their ability to deflect heat during the hot summer months, while still being able to keep in the heat in the winter. It’s a much greener option which is especially appealing for local councils looking to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their all round energy usage.

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