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How Window Films Can Benefit Your Business

More and more businesses are turning to retrofit solutions to help them tackle various issues relating to rising energy costs and environmental benefits. As well as being able to provide their staff with a safer place to work and to keep their premises secure by having a special window film installed and applied over existing glazed areas. Each type of film comes with their own beneficial uses which are already proving to be extremely popular choices with many top flight companies here in the UK.

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In these uncertain times increased security is a priority for many businesses particularly if those businesses are located in more vulnerable areas. If the premises themselves store important contents then it’s important for owners to protect them and safety film is one way in which many business owners can now help deter criminals looking to enter your premises illegally.

Windows are typically the weakest entry point for would-be intruders and safety films are able to add a shatter-proof element to the glass so when the glass is smashed the shards are held firmly in place slowing down the intruders attempts to get in. They also work at protecting the public and staff from flying broken shards in the event of an accident or even worse a bomb going off or another type of external explosion that could pose a threat to those in the surrounding area.


Many modern buildings incorporate a fresh visual style to their architectural design and window films can go a long way in helping designers achieve a visually striking look. Decorative films are available in a variety of grades, shades and colours that can integrate into your building or even act as a main focal point. Reflective or mirrored films can be great for design purposes as well as to help protect the interior from prying eyes. Even partially etched or frosted films can also add style to your interior office space.


Energy usage and the rising costs of energy are becoming an important factor for businesses to consider to not only help lower their overheads but to also provide much needed environmental conservation. Energy efficient window films are able to block out unwanted and harmful UV rays but will also help to the inside of your building at a more comfortable temperature allowing your office to stay warm in the winter months and to block out excess heat from the sun during those warmer summer months. Cooling costs in particular can be cut by up to 80% thanks to these protective films. They’re the perfect solution for companies looking to cut energy costs and reduce that carbon footprint.

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