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How Window Film Can Protect Your Skin

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The application of a window film on your property has numerous benefits. They can be applied to increase security and privacy as well as boost your branding; but did you know that particular window films even have the ability of protecting the health and wellbeing of your members of staff?

We live in a very health conscious age and take skin protection very seriously, especially in places where we may be over exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. But whilst most people slap on the sun block to help protect themselves and their skin from harmful UV rays, many of us forget that we’re not always protected simply because we head indoors.


Imagine taking a long drive on a sunny day, if you don’t have UV protected windows then ultra-violet rays will still be getting through and harm your skin.

The same goes if you are sitting at your desk in an office that  happens to be in a particularly area that gets direct sunlight throughout the day. Without any form or UV protection you could be in harms way without even realising it.

UV rays themselves can greatly affect the skin and over time it can lead to signs of aging and in more severe cases various forms of skin cancer. Their reflective qualities means that these harmful rays can bounce around and hit you when you least expect it and so it’s crucial to be aware of how you can best protect yourself and your workforce.

UVA-filtering film is one such way. These transparent films can protect against nearly 100% of both UVA and UVB rays and they’re now being employed in both commercial and residential properties.

These protective films can also be purchased in a range of varying tints which affect the amount of visible light that is passed through. Whilst these films can block out harmful UV rays they also have the added benefit of being able to provide temperature control by insulating heat and rejecting unwanted glare and heat;  particularly useful during uncomfortable hot and humid days. This controlled environment also provides businesses with a much needed way in which they can cut back on energy usage and save on those rising energy costs.

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