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How To Protect Your Business From Break-Ins

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Aside from fires, floods and other unexpected damages your company or workplace could face, it’s often an issue of security that can have the biggest financial impact on the business itself. Break-ins and burglaries are unfortunately all too common and it is especially in smaller sized companies that seem to be the most targeted by criminals due to their lack of preventative measures. Whilst money and budgetary restrictions will affect a company’s security options, the burning question is what are the best ways to protect your business form break-ins altogether?



Providing the right people with the right keys for areas around the business premises and being able to keep track of this is crucial. The last thing you want is for certain keys to end up in the wrong hands. It’s important to keep detailed records of who holds what keys and report them immediately if misplaced or stolen. Locks to some areas can also be secured further with the introduction of digital key code locks. Each staff member or business owner can then be issued with their own code which the new system will be able to log, therefore helping to detect everyone’s actions.



If your business is located in an area that is not very well lit, particularly at night, and is far away from public areas then keeping your premises illuminated as best you can will be beneficial. Burglars will not be keen on attempting to enter a building or warehouse in full light which could help discourage their attempts to break-in. Indoor lighting is also prudent in order for intruders to be spotted once in the premises from any potential passers-by or police patrols that may happen to be in the area. Combined with a solid and reliable CCTV system will also help light up any areas for security recording purposes that could help with post-burglary investigations.



For many businesses, especially those located in an area with heavy footfall can benefit greatly from implementing inexpensive metal screens or gratings for their windows and doorway areas. Additionally these can be placed within your premises to protect items left on display to help further deter the criminals. There is also burglar-resistant glass and anti-shatter film glass that can add further protection to your property and make it even harder for intruders to enter.



It goes without saying that a burglar alarm can make a significant difference to the crime prevention around your premises. It can act as an instant deterrent to criminals as well as being a way in which the authorities and you can be notified of a break-in as it happens. An alarm system connected to the police will often be silent better enabling security or the police themselves to reach the premises as the crime is in action. Other add-on devices such as motion sensors and light beams can also help detect unauthorised persons on your premises.

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