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How The Industry Could Be Set For Colour Changing Film

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Window film provides endless advantages for users and businesses around the world on a variety of levels. On one hand they’re easy to implement and cost-effective to setup, while on the other they’re a great safety measure to include on your premises to protect employees from sun glare and potential UV risk, as well as increasing safety in the office to protect from break-ins and accidental window breakages. But it looks like the industry could soon be introducing yet another potential product into its ranks.

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Smart technology has been evolving at a rapid rate over the past few years and it seems almost every industry in some way, is getting in on the act and developing its own smart-based innovations. We’ve already been introduced to smart colour changing light bulbs and smart-tinting window technology is already high on the list of recent breakthroughs. But it seems a new company is keen to create a similar piece of tech that’s even more versatile than other products currently on the market.

US company 3D Nanocolor have acquired the rights to electro-kinetic (EK) film technology from HP Inc. It’s an exciting new piece of technology that has been in development for years and could help reshape the window film industry. This exciting new film allows both the colour and the opaqueness of its surface to change so that when it’s applied directly to glass areas the special electrically charged ink that it contains alters as required.

The new technology already looks set to compete with electrochromic technology by promising substantially lower production costs as well as impressive features such as faster colour changing and the ability to implement the films over existing glass surfaces without having to be installed during construction. The film will also be able to control solar energy transmission and infrared light levels.

Whilst most current window films are able to help businesses lower their energy usage, thanks to their ability to block out unwanted glare and heat as well as stopping warmth and heat escaping during the colder months, there is a certain aesthetical advantage for these new films to provide. A colourful, energy conserving, cost-effective window film will appeal to many businesses, premises and schools and it surely won’t be too long before we see them in action.

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