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How Solar Technology Has Helped Council Beat Climate Targets

With climate control and the necessity for us to lower our energy usage and the reduction of carbon emissions so high on the world agenda, it has taken the advancement of many technological concepts to help begin this much overdue change in eco-related habits.

With government enforced schemes now in place such as the 2008 Climate Change Act and the mandatory CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme it’s more important than ever for companies and local authorities to adhere to these new national targets.

Nottingham City Council have utilised one such technology to not only hit these targets but impressively go beyond them.


Nottingham City Council has managed to meet its targets a massive 4 years ahead of schedule due to a variety of energy saving proposals including investment in solar energy.

The Nottingham City Council have already installed around 4,000 solar panels onto the roofs of council-owned homes around the city as well completing work on the largest solar carport found in the UK back in the summer of 2015 which was setup at the Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre.All of which has helped the city generate an impressive quantity of renewable energy.

So what does this mean in terms of the numbers? Well government statistics have revealed that Nottingham has managed to cut its carbon emissions by 33% over the past decade. In fact since 2005 the city has lowered its production of CO2 by three tonnes.

The original target for the city was just 26% reduction by  2020; meaning that Nottingham has managed to achieve this feat with 4 years to spare.

The environmental impact can be seen across the city and the figures themselves are already proving to the rest of the UK that if it isn’t already, Nottingham is fast becoming the country’s most energy self-sufficient city.

It certainly is one of the core cities outside of the capital that appears to be performing the best and with nearly half a decade still left to go it will remain as one of the best performing cities around..

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