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How Solar Power Is Overtaking Coal

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Over the past few months we have seen some extremely surprising events concerning both solar power and traditional fossil fuels such as coal, events that are possibly signalling a very significant change for the way in which we use energy in this country. During the entire month of May the UK actually produced more electricity using solar power compared to that of coal. This marks the first time ever that solar produced energy has surpassed coal in this manner and it has been an incredibly encouraging sign particularly for those more environmentally conscious amongst us.


Energy usage is a vitally important aspect of our everyday lives now and with current energy prices constantly on the rise many of us are keen to find alternate ways in which to self-generate energy and help cut costs. Of course it’s not just residential property owners who are keen to save money on their energy bills. Business owners are now seriously looking into ways in which they can cut their overheads and unnecessary energy expenditure by employing a variety of eco-friendly solutions, and solar panels are one way in which they have been able to help add to this increase in solar produced energy.

The month of May marked the first occasion ever where electricity generated by solar power overtook the amount that was produced by coal. In fact it managed to generate a massive 50% more with solar energy creating 1,336 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity compared to a rather paltry 893GWh of electricity that was generated by coal. This milestone is a significant factor at a time of climate-related concerns and with the cost of renewable energy sources plunging over the past few years it’s something that more businesses are now able to consider implementing into their daily energy usage.

Just last year the investment into renewable energies hit more than £195 billion, which is 50% more than that spent on power stations that utilise more traditional fossil fuels. And it’s not a pattern that’s just being seen here in the UK. Even other countries across Europe are setting new records that relate to renewable energy such as Portugal who in the same month of May managed to run completely on green energy for four straight days. With standard energy usage costs constantly on the increase it’s certainly becoming an appealing alternative for many businesses around the world.

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