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How Solar Film Can Help Meet Energy Targets

Businesses are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s to gain public confidence by helping to support greener solutions for their business practices or simply to help cut costs, save money and help reduce energy usage in the process. In the climate of rising costs and energy prices businesses are very aware of the importance of energy efficiency both from an environmental and a financial perspective. Now thanks to the UK Government imposed CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (AKA the CRC Scheme) companies are now able to be motivated into switching to more energy efficient business solutions.

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The operating costs of a business is one of the biggest concerns for owners nowadays but thanks to programs like the CRC Scheme it’s something that be greatly reduced by switching to more efficient solutions. The scheme itself has been set up to help incentivise businesses to move towards more energy efficient solutions and cut energy usage and emissions. It is understood that the largest of all energy users both in the public and the private sectors up and down the country are accountable for around 10% of all the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The long-term target for the scheme aims to help companies lower their emissions and increase energy efficiency over the next 35 years. If the UK is able to cut emissions by up to 80% by the year 2050 then it is predicted that energy efficiency as a whole in the public and private sectors could lead to a massive reduction in energy use.

One such way in which businesses can already help reduce the impact of rising energy costs, which could certainly help them meet their CRC efficiency targets, is by implementing special solar films. These effective films can be placed on glazed windows and doors around your business or office premises and they are able to reject levels solar infrared heat.

By reducing solar heat by up to around 80% it means that the indoor temperature can be maintained at a much more comfortable level. Which is already one of the main efforts that CRC targets are encouraging businesses to comply with to help energy, heat and glare reduction.

These useful and practical solar films are able to shield properties and offices from unwanted outside heat and glare protecting employees and making the work environment much more comfortable. The films are available in different grades and styles all of which won’t impair natural light. They are attached to Windows and doors and so it’s important to research which particular films will be able to be applied to your existing glazing.

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