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How Solar Control Help Improve Productivity and Learning

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When it comes to creating the best conditions for improving productivity in the workplace or the right conditions for a learning environment, a building’s temperature is one of the important aspects to consider. While there are many incentives that can make people work harder towards their goals, ensuring that either workers or students are comfortable is one of the simplest and most effective methods in the long-term.

This is where solar control films come in as they help to regulate the ambiance in school buildings, company office’s, or warehouses and provide comfortable working and learning environments for everyone at a relatively low cost.

Benefits of Solar Control Films

A good many studies have been conducted to try and determine the right temperature at which we are able to perform at our optimum productivity or learning, with estimates varying from 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. There are however many variables which make it difficult to come to a single agreed temperature, including differing seasons, clothing, climate, and even age. Thankfully solar control films help to level the playing field and offer a wide range of benefits in this regard.

For example, window tinting films can help to minimise heat loss in the winter, while also helping to keep out excess heat in the warmer months of the year. This means that in addition to helping to maintain a comfortable environment, solar control films also help education facilities and companies to keep heating and cooling utility costs at a minimum. In the same way that a buildings’ insulation works, solar control film provides thermal insulation for windows and allows those inside to work or learn in a more controlled setting.

Another benefit of installing solar control films is the reduction of the effects of harmful UV rays as well as glare from the sun. This means that both office workers and students working with computer screens and the like will be able to work without interruption and achieve their optimum productivity. In addition, tinted windows also protect building’s contents, – from furniture and equipment to the people working within them, allowing them to get on with their work uninterrupted and without the distraction of a less than ideal context.


While the exact temperature at which maximum productivity can be achieved may rely on a number of factors, it is clear that windows fitted with solar control films are able to help improve productivity and learning. By assisting in temperature control, energy efficiency, and the reduction of glare, it is much easier for the occupants of protected buildings to work towards, and achieve their best.

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