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How Solar Control Films Actually Works

There are a wide variety of special films that you can apply to glazed windows and door areas around your home or your business property. Each of these quality films has a number of benefits to help deflect or protect your possessions, your building, your interiors, workforce or members of your family. The installation of solar control films in particular can be a very effective way in which to block out harmful rays and other sun-damaging elements from your residential or commercial properties.



We’re very conscious nowadays of how harmful the sun can be, especially for our eyes and our skin, and it is often recommended that they should be protected for when we are spending extended amounts of time in direct sunlight. The main culprit for this is ultraviolet rays (UV) and they make up around 90% of the most damaging rays given off by the sun. They can contribute to an array of skin-related issues including skin ageing and in worst cases cancer.

UV rays can be extremely harmful to the skin but they can also impact interior furnishings and over time this can lead to severe fading. Items around your premises or your home that are placed in direct sunlight such as hanging photographs or paintings can be affected by prolonged exposure to the sun. Even carpets, fabrics and pieces of furniture can fade over time due to this exposure.

Whilst most of us are conscious of being in the sun when outside we often forget that sunlight also penetrates glass and even though we may be sat inside our homes or workplace these harmful rays can still affect us. Solar control films are able to protect skin and interior furnishings from such harm by blocking out both infrared and ultraviolet rays. The film is able to block these rays whilst still allowing certain levels of light and heat pass through. Each particular window film has its own level of protection which will be dependent on your requirements and will affect the amount of light or heat that is rejected.

Solar films are particularly energy efficient and are now implemented by businesses looking to lower their energy usage and become more environmentally conscious as well as saving money in the process. These films can insulate heat in the winter and block out heat from the sun during the summer months allowing the inside to be kept to a more comfortable temperature.


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