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How Rejection Film Can Protect Your Business & Home

Window films have a number of beneficial features that can not only help protect your business but also your home. In fact, with UV rejection films you can even protect your family and your staff. UV rays can be damaging to a number of possessions and décor in your home and your office space. Over time these harmful rays can actually lead to the fading of carpets, rugs and other flooring materials, upholstery, furniture, paintings and wallpaper.



Fading can be particularly frustrating and it can end up damaging personal belongings and even important keepsakes you keep in and around your home. Imagine having an important document such as a diploma or an old family photograph on display for all to see yet over time if it happens to be in a position where it is exposed to direct sunlight regularly over time it can become faded and worn.

UV exposure is also a serious factor to consider if your workspace has large glass windows or doors where direct sunlight can penetrate. Employees in this area will be exposed to sunlight throughout the day, which over time can have particularly serious effects on the skin and could even cause other threatening illnesses. It can lead to the premature ageing of the skin and even damage the eyes.

So how can UV rejection window films help solve these rather serious issues? Their anti-fade capabilities help prevent materials and goods from deterioration and protect light-sensitive materials by blocking out up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This can dramatically slow down the fading process and shield objects and people from these damaging rays.

These window films are available in a variety of grades and finishes so you’ll be able to choose the perfect option for your requirements. Of course, there are other causes of fading that can be attributed to the sun, including both bright light and heat. Certain UV rejection films can also help block these elements for added protection, but other more specialised films can be applied to your glass windows and door areas to deal with this.

No matter what finish or level of grading you opt for it won’t affect the transparency of your windows so safe, visible light will still be able to pass through the protective films. Not all films are compatible with certain types of glass so it’s important to make sure you get advice or try samples before you have a film installed.


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