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How Blast Mitigation Film Can Save Lives And Money For Your Business

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Window films have a countless number of features that can help benefit businesses in a variety of ways. Whether it’s UV protection and helping to make your workplace more energy efficient or even if it’s to add an extra layer of security around your premises in order to deter burglars or protect again natural disasters it’s clear that window films can help make your business and employees a lot safer. But did you know that particular window films could even help you save lives as well as money.


There are various anti-shatter films on the market that allow potentially broken windows and glass doors to be held firmly in place so that dangerous shards of broken glass cannot fly off and injure people in the surrounding area or even damage your home or business premises. But the excellent range of Bomb blast mitigation films can offer your business an extra layer of protection and in these uncertain times will offer your employees more peace of mind from potential future terrorist attacks.

If you work in a location or a major city where your business could potentially be in the area where an attack may occur or even one that may be directly targeted towards your business itself then it’s crucial for you to have contingency plans in place to protect your employees in particular. In many major bomb blasts its flying shards of glass that is the main culprit for casualties and injuries suffered on site and it is protective window films that are able to make the shattered and damaged glass safe.

Even though you may think these types of protective window films would be expensive to purchase and install in fact they are extremely cost-effective. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your windows are damaged by an explosion or a natural disaster then you will often find that your possessions, business assets and other items around your premises will also be damaged. There are many ways to protect all of these things but simply by installing bomb blast protective window films around your premises or even your home in the long run you could save a fortune by protecting it all from flying glass and airborne shards.

There are additional benefits that bomb blast window films can also offer your business that includes extra protection from forced entry and even has anti-fade benefits thanks to its ability to block out up to 95% of harmful UV light.

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