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How Anti-Blast Film Protection Works

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How Does Anti-Blast Film Protection Work?

2015 had an unprecedented amount of terrorist attacks and therefore it only makes sense that companies at high risk are looking into investing in anti-blast window film for bomb blast protection.

The three main factors that the anti-blast window film is equipped to deal with are: bomb blasts, industrial explosions and spontaneous glass breakage. Experts have revealed that most people at the site of an explosion are very rarely killed by the blast itself – but rather by the flying glass shards that quickly follow.

Anti-blast window film has been designed to minimise the distance travelled by glass shards after a break or an explosion, and the film therefore acts as shield for those in the immediate vicinity of the blast.

So how exactly does an anti-blast window film work? Here is a quick insight into the professional and highly advanced techniques and processes that go into proofing windows with anti-blast film.

  • A 3M Ultra 600 film is placed on windows around the building – six weeks later and the film is completely bonded to the window
  • A special attachment system is then set up on the glass frame so that it touches both the frame and the anti-blast film
  • This attachment system means that the anti-blast film is attached to the frame and vice versa
  • If there is an explosion, the actual glass will break but it will be held in place by the film and the frame, ensuring that the glass shards don’t fly all over the place
  • Flexibility is a huge factor here and although the 3M 600 film is thinner than others, this allows it greater flexibility. This in turn means that it can bend more and therefore absorb the greater part of the bomb blast
  • A stronger film is more rigid and therefore more likely to tear than the 3M 600


Many companies are moving to equip their offices with anti-blast film and while this practice has been very popular with government agencies or high tourist targets – we are now seeing a huge growth in anti-blast film in areas where there are high numbers of tourists, or in places in close proximity to a possible terrorist target.

Anti-blast glass is a great way to minimize the terribly high numbers of dead and injured people that were hit by glass flying through the air at unbelievable speeds.

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