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Green Building Trends in 2016

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The construction industry, businesses and even general home owners have become more conscious of the environmental impact that their buildings and homes are now having on the world around them. To construct buildings that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly are not only pleasing for the owners themselves in order to help lower their monthly costs, but green building trends themselves are also helping to reduce construction costs.



With global energy resources quickly diminishing, energy efficiency is more crucial than ever and the focus for everyone to be more conscious of unnecessary energy consumption and waste is fundamental. Thanks to the use of smart meters and compatible apps, you are able to keep a very close eye on the energy you use in your occupied building, monitoring electricity, gas and water usage. Such real time views of your energy output can help you to minimise wastage saving you money whilst also helping to save the environment.



Whilst being able to view and record your energy consumption can allow you to better understand your energy output, it is improved insulation techniques and materials that are also helping to make homes more energy efficient. Nano insulation is one such innovative green concept that is helping cut energy use up to 25%. Despite its questionable energy costs in creating this special water-and-silica based covering, it’s a non-toxic alternative that can be applied to windows and help cut both cooling usage and heating. The installation of solar window films can help reduce solar heat by up to 80% and maintain a more comfortable temperature within a building.



There are now a number of special fixtures on the market especially for the bathroom, that can be fitted in order to help conserve water. Low-flow showers and toilets can help reduce water consumption as well as motion sensor taps that will decrease any unnecessary over-use.



Imagine a home that can produce as much energy as it ever needs to consume. Well this is the concept of a net zero home. The concept aims to completely eliminate energy bills for its owners. It is becoming a popular trend and it’s one that utilises a number of eco-friendly features including solar panels, enhanced insulation, sustainable materials, reduced carbon emissions, home wind turbines and even geothermal heat pumps.



It may seem a little drastic, but one of the quickest and most effective ways in which to not only lower your energy consumption but to help lower your carbon footprint is to simply downsize your building. If you live or even work in a building with lots of empty space, then moving somewhere smaller may be beneficial, not only for the environment but for you bank balance too. Aside from the energy waste you will be saving on a whole host of bills, and not just energy related, but taxes, insurance and even your mortgage costs will drop.

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