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How is Energy Saving Tech Becoming Part of Everyday Life?

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The technological revolutions of today are endless, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and now, even smart homes are fast becoming part of our everyday lives. And that’s not all, modern technology is allowing us to become more energy efficient.

You probably never imagined that turning on the heating could be so fun but the eco-technology industry has other ideas. The these nifty apps allows you to control your heating from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. In the foreseeable future, smart heating will become part of everyday life, with rising fuel cost and limited resources heating our homes efficiently will no longer be a perk but instead a necessity.

As well as smart heating, smart lighting is one of the latest energy saving initiatives. Smart lighting allows you to control the lighting in your house regardless of location so you can set the bulbs to turn on and off at set times from your smartphone or tablet. This can be extremely ideal during those dark winter months or if you’re returning home late, it’s also particularly useful if you think you’ve left a light on but have already left home.

Away from controllable devices, window film is a great addition to any home. 3M Solar Control Film insulation technology has changed the game in terms of window film. If a building or property is to really be energy efficient then window film is the one bare necessity. Unlike past window films that have only really worked during summer months, 3M Solar Control works all year round. Reflective window film traditionally reflects solar heat in order to keep the inside of a building cool whereas 3M Solar Control does what that cannot and does the opposite in winter by locking the heat inside.The Solar Control Film adds up to 92% more insulating power to a window so you really are saving a lot, and whilst sunlight will still enter, harmful rays, unbearable heat and irritating glare and significantly reduced.

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In terms of solar energy saving measures, using the sun to power home gadgets is an ideal way of preserving energy. Gadgets that need charging daily such as handheld consoles, smartphones, tablets and the likes of FitBits accumulate a lot of energy usage in the long run and a solar powered charger would be hugely beneficial.

In terms of gadgets that are always plugged in such as the likes of TVs, DVD players, desktop computers, games consoles and so forth, they cost the average household up to £70 a year if kept on standby. Whilst £70 a year may not seem a lot, that’s over 10% of a household’s total energy consumption. When you’re not using them, turn them off completely to save energy and money.

It’s no secret that the likes of showers and baths use a lot of energy, with the average shower using around around 60 litres of heated water, an efficient shower head can limit the amount of water filtering through. Efficient showerheads work by injecting air into the water stream causing you to use way less water.

You are able to keep track of your energy usage with an energy usage monitor. You are able to clip the handheld screen onto your electric metre and it will inform you of your energy patterns and notify you of any unusual activity. There are also online house energy monitors that can inform you of your usage and help you to change your energy habits.

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