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Energy-Generating Window Films Marks a Major Breakthrough for Eco Technology


A solar window film production company has developed a transparent, energy-producing film that will soon be available on the market.  SolarWindow Technologies recently announced that its virtually invisible system could be used to harness solar energy when applied to windows and glass. The trend is one that has already been gathering momentum recently; especially in use on skyscrapers and tower blocks. With over 80% of the world’s glass used as windows, SolarWindow’s innovative film comes as a major breakthrough for the eco technology industry.

The SolarWindow Intra-Connection System generates and transports electricity when the clear film is applied to window and glass surfaces in thin layers. The window film technology then collects the energy at the edge of the glass which is then fed into the electrical system of each host building. The energy-generating film utilises a pattern of microscopic channels that are half the thickness of an average human hair to transport the electricity generated by SolarWindow’s new film. The company aims to save a significant amount of electrical power for every building that is fitted with the energy generating film.

A major Breakthrough for Eco Technology

Previous attempts at making the intra-connections such as SolarWindow’s have failed because they utilised chemical or mechanical systems which rendered them easily susceptible to damage. With the new window film announced by SolarWindow, a significant breakthrough has been made with regards to eco technology and renewable energy. The unique window film can be applied to all four sides of most buildings, particularly on towers and skyscrapers where the energy potential is huge, and even on flexible plastics that have coloured tints.

With the window film able to generate electricity in natural light and artificial light environments, as well as shaded areas, the potential energy costs savings for building owners make the product a significant step. Businesses large and small can utilise the SolarWindow Intra-Connection System to harness eco friendly energy and lower their dependence and their costs on the traditional power sources they use for electricity and heating.

Another benefit of the new window film, as with most types of similar products, is that it can be fitted retrospectively onto buildings and can also provide environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels as energy.

With its new window film technology, SolarWindow has created an innovative way of not only harnessing natural energy and turning it into electricity, but an efficient way of transporting it as well. Both future buildings and older ones will soon be able to make the most of the technology and achieve significant cost savings and energy benefits.


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