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Cyber Security Threats In 2016

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As technology evolves so do the ongoing efforts of cyber criminals looking for every possible angle in which they can steal, hack and blackmail users into sharing sensitive data and other information. As exciting as the internet age was it clearly bought with it a whole new series of security and other online threats and it is absolutely crucial for businesses to evolve their security measures in order to stay ahead of the criminals and to protect their customers, clients, employees and assets from potential cyber-related attacks.

Stealing online data is nothing new and last year there were plenty of major online breaches that made the headlines. But now criminals are not just looking to steal information and sell it they are locking out their victims and then offering them the opportunity to buy their access back, most of the time for highly extortionate rates.
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This year could also see a rise in the number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which will continue to see online hacktivists take their revenge on big corporations and government bodies in order to expose secret behind-the-door goings-on. These cyber activists will do everything they can in order to hack, leak and expose those wrong doers and in 2016 we could see some big DDoS-related headlines.

That menacing malware will see an evolution in just how it goes about attacking networks and stealing information this year. The problem most malware attacks have is they can leave a trail but “ghostware” will be able to cover its tracks which will make it very difficult indeed for companies and law enforcement to find out exactly what and how much data may have been stolen or affected. And therefore any potential prosecution thereafter will prove to be very difficult.

The cloud is an incredibly useful tool for saving and sharing various amounts of data. It’s a service that is growing exponentially all the time however more often than not it seems that many of these cloud services are very much below the typical standards of security you would expect. Compromised data is a very worrying thought and with so much of it being piped through the cloud companies will need to tighten up security to avoid any potential threats from a cloud infrastructure-based cyber attack. Signal defence film can help protect businesses against IR and RF signal leakage but once that data is out in the open it’s very much at risk.

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