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Business Security Trends In 2016

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Security is one of the most crucial aspects for businesses of all sizes to consider. No company or trader wants to fall victim to any criminal activity that may leave their assets, premises or accounts in disarray or worse still stolen or damaged irreparably. Security measures have had to evolve rapidly over the past few years as criminals continue their efforts to steal data and other information as well as targeting a whole new market of potential victims in this digital age. Here are just some of the security trends to look out in the coming year.


Cyber attacks have been big news in the past year or so and we have already seen some of the biggest websites around being hacked and having their member’s personal data stolen. And now the criminals are holding this data to ransom. Ransomware is a worryingly increasing trend whereby the cyber criminals can encrypt files on your machine after you’ve unsuspectedly clicked on a link within a phishing email. The only way this can be rectified is by paying the attackers a ransom.



The cloud has become one of the most innovative ways in which data can be conveniently backed up and stored virtually. So we knew it wouldn’t be long before this would be perfect target for further unscrupulous behavior. The cloud is a particularly striking target for cybercriminals who will be looking to create malware that will bypass the end user and concentrate on hacking into this vast pool of virtual data. Malicious scripts, software and other viruses will soon be targeting the cloud and this could be the year that it happens.


Another concerning way in which cybercriminals are looking to financially benefit from our data is the ability to access and change data as opposed to directly stealing it. These changes can happen to businesses over a long period of time and can even lead to the lowering of stock prices meaning that the unlawful can even make money in the stock market. This is why in particular solutions such as signal defense film can provide added protection to many businesses to help deflect IR and RF signal leakage from the premises which ultimately helps in increasing security and protecting your businesses electronic data even more from outside sources.


The wearable market has risen significantly in the past couple of years and now that nearly all the major mobile-based manufacturers have their very own flagship wearable devices they are a prime target for cybercriminals. As with most mobile devices there are always concerns over security and privacy and with many wearables now on the market these concerns are more prominent than ever. Health-related apps on wearable devices are able to track every step we take including our every move in every location. It’s real-time data that can very easily be utilised by criminals who will be looking to exploit this information in any way they can.




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