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The Benefits of Privacy Enhancing Window Films

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Safety, security and privacy are three major factors that most home and business owners think about  how protected their families, workforce and actual assets. Window films are able to offer a variety of ways in which you can protect a property or premises from intruders or other potential dangers.  The benefits of window film does not stop at safety, those seeking some added privacy will benefit from the installation of privacy enhancing window films for both residential properties as well as places of work.

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Window films are a much more cost effective way in which to create the effect you need for an existing glazed window or door around your property. Privacy film is the perfect solution for business owners who already have existing glazing as these films can simply be applied over the existing glass, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing windows.

Business owners may have internal glass walls that may separate office space, for example. They might also be used to segregate an open working space to make an area that can be utilised as a meeting room or a location where sensitive data, stock or servers is usually housed. These areas in particular would very much benefit from privacy-based window film solutions. With two-way privacy films a glazed area can be coated with a special frosted film which will actually prevent those looking in or  looking out whilst still allowing a great level of light to pass through. These frosted have a very stylish and attractive appeal as well as a highly practical impact for company’s who wish to keep a certain area in their workplace closed off from prying eyes.

With one-way privacy films a special reflective window film is applied which creates a reflective surface on just one side of the glass, most typically on the outside of a building so that passers-by cannot peer in. However those inside will still be able to see out. It’s a great solution for when privacy during daylight hours are required, which will help eliminate the need for blinds or other such features that may actually block out light.

All of these types of privacy films can be styled, cut and patterned exactly how the client requires so you can pick from a frosted or white coating but have it sliced or graphically defined in a certain way that suits your business, your brand or just to help reflect your company’s appearance.

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