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5 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

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Due to the rising levels of business-related crime it’s imperative for companies to ensure that their practices and procedures are as secure as possible. Here are a few ways in which to better protect your businesses from fraud, theft, criminals and cyber-crime.

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Emails are an effective way in which unscrupulous individuals can get an intended recipient to unsuspectingly open attachments and links that could be used for Phishing or to deliver some type of malware to the user’s computer or device. Unfortunately it’s a system that we simply cannot live without and in business terms it’s absolutely crucial to the day-to-day running of your company. Precaution therefore is a must and it will be fruitful to research email providers and server security before you setup any email systems. It is also highly recommended that you provide your staff with all the information they need in order to use the email system safely and vigilantly.


As technology evolves we quickly find ourselves reliant on single systems and applications that often have all-encompassing solutions. Bundling various business systems together to make life easier is very appealing however when you become so dependent on a single entity there is a much higher risk especially where security is involved. Try to find a handful of systems that don’t rely on each other and still necessitate a more hands-on or manual process that can over looked by a trusted employee.


Implementing security around your company is often a time consuming and expensive process. But there’s little point in tightening up security in the work place if your staff aren’t aware of these security measures. And often some of the best ways in which to avoid potential security pitfalls is simply by levels of awareness. From training sessions or online documentation ensure that your entire workforce is fully abreast of all security related issues at all times and on any occasions where this might change.


As an extension to email security another way in which cyber-criminals look to obtain personal data from online users is via the numerous social networks out there. We spend an awful lot of time socialising online through sites such as Twitter and Facebook and with business-based social networks such as LinkedIn facing similar issues of cyber crime it’s imperative that users are cautious and attentive to avoid Phishing and other nefarious techniques especially when logging in online at work. Many companies avoid these issues by simply blocking their usage in working hours however they are a big part of how many companies now communicate with their customers and so there use is often unavoidable.


Whilst many business practices these days revolve around some form of cyber-based technology there are still many instances of physical security that should be considered especially when you take into consideration your premises and members of staff. Safety window films can be very important for many city-based businesses to implement in order to protect windows from breaking and potentially causing harm to those in the vicinity. Safety films are able to minimise this danger by trapping the shards when broken and they as an added bonus they also prove to be a particularly effective deterrent to criminals looking to smash their way into your business premises.

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