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Top 5 Benefits of Using Window Film in your Home or Business.


Modern Window Films come in a huge range of types that all provide different uses and benefits to your home or commercial property.

We have complied our list of the top 5 uses for window film in your home or business to give you an idea of what it can provide for you:

  1. Reduced Energy Costs

Solar window film has become a common addition on properties all across the country as more homeowners and businesses realise the benefits of installing it on their buildings. Window film’s initial function was to protect people and their interiors from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and while the majority of films still carry out that purpose, they also offer much more than that nowadays.

For both businesses and private homeowners alike, one of the most appealing reasons for adding window film on your property’s glass is the potential to reduce your energy costs. The film blocks out the sun’s most harmful rays and keeps rooms at comfortable temperatures during hot days. In addition, window film also works to slow down the release of warmth through your windows during winter, thereby helping you to save on cooling or heating costs.

  1. Added Privacy

Just as solar window film keeps out harmful UV rays without compromising warmth, the same is true of light. The technology is designed to allow light in while still ensuring that prying eyes are unable to see inside. Property owners can choose the level of tint they prefer to suit their taste as well as the building and its location, which brings us to our next reason;

  1. Enhanced Security

As mentioned above, tinted window film ensures that no –one outside can see inside the property and this is an important crime deterrent. A majority of burglaries tend to be opportunistic, but if your home or commercial dealings are kept private then there will be less probability of someone taking a chance.

  1. A Cost Effective Way to Update your Property

One trend that is growing within the window film industry is that of decorative window film. With a range of designs and colours available, window film is a cost effective way for a business to enhance its commercial premises, branding, or even organising office space, as well as being an easy way for house owners to customise their home.

  1. Improved Safety

Another added advantage of window film is that it increases safety on the property should any of the windows be broken. In the case of the glass shattering, safety window film can help to protect those in the vicinity from flying shards of glass by holding the glass pieces together. With rising threats in the modern world, businesses in particular are beginning to invest in blast-mitigation window films to enhance security and safety of the staff and customers.

Anti-shatter window film stops the outward or inward movement of smashed glass.

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