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Introducing 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film

Classic Technology, Modern Innovation

For over 50 years Thinsulate ™ from 3M has been synonymous with insulation and the regulation of temperature. The new Climate Control Series is a revolutionary new window insulation film that takes the classic technology you trust and applies it to your building. It can help save you money, protect your property from damage and your skin from harmful UV rays, all whilst regulating the temperature all year round.

Upgrade Without The Intrusion

3M have created a solution to heat inefficiency in your property that effectively adds a pane to your existing window without the disruption of having to physically replace it, and at price that makes a tangible return on your investment possible. Installing Thinsulate ™ Climate Control window film on top your existing window glass can decrease your energy bills by up to 10%.

So How Does Thinsulate ™ Climate Control Film Work?

The solar and insulating window film reflects the heat to help keep the warmth in during winter and uses sun blocking technology to keep the room cool during summer by increasing you window’s insulation value. This technology isn’t incorporated into your existing glass, even that found in double-glazing, and you will feel the benefit instantly regardless of your current window type.


Main Benefits of Thinsulate ™ Window Film :

  1. Increases Efficiency – boosts window insulation performance by up to 38%, reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills by up to 10%
  2. Controls Climate – maintains a more consistent temperature throughout the year, making your property a more pleasant environment
  3. Increased Productivity – research has suggested a link between temperature and employee efficiency, window film prevents fluctuations
  4. Added Security – window film gives glass added integrity to cope with vandalism, break-ins and larger scale attacks
  5. Health Benefits – exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, the film filters this to protect your skin from illness and aging
  6. Maintains Appearance – the film is practically invisible, meaning it won’t affect the aesthetics of your property