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Residential Use of 3M Thinsulate

Keeping Your Home Comfortable Throughout The Year, Whatever The Weather

Your home is your refuge from the outside world. A place that offers you peace and escape from work, the hustle and bustle of your commute and perhaps most importantly from the elements. It’s a space that you control, where you can feel safe and your family can relax. Everyday you home is under attack from cold winds or hot rays which inevitably cause fluctuations in the internal climate of your sanctuary. For too long we have been forced to tinker with the thermostat and play with windows in order to keep our homes at a consistent and comfortable temperature, but with the new 3M Thinsulate ™ film you can now feel comfortable all year round and focus your time on relaxing.

More Money To Spend On The Things You Love

Upgrading windows has historically been an expensive home improvement that families have had to save towards and often takes decades to see a return on the investment. 3M Thinsulate ™ film offers a low cost alternative that can save you up to 10% on your energy bill. There is no need to replace your whole window pane, instead the film is professionally installed onto your existing window, offering you a cost effective solution without the disruption that comes with replacing the entire window.

Protecting The Environment

As fears over global warming increase, the savvy homeowner is becoming more and more aware of their personal carbon footprint and their contribution to this global issue. 30% of all energy in homes escapes through windows and up to 25% of energy bills are due to the energy lost through windows. Installing 3M Thinsulate ™ window film makes your windows more efficient, reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Keeps Your Home The Way You Like It

People spend a lot of their household income on making their home the ideal place to relax and unwind, whether it be styling the interior or exterior to their unique taste. The 3M Thinsulate ™ film is practically invisible so won’t change the look or feel of your home and it blocks UV rays helping to reduce fading of your furnishings, carpet and upholstery. This makes the installation of the film an intrusive option to improve your home without changing it aesthetically.

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Built For Comfort

3M Thinsulate ™ window film was developed to provide homeowners with a consistent temperature in their home regardless of the season. The mission: to make your home comfortable all year round, not just in spring and autumn. The film is made of a patented construction that during the winter months reflects the heat inside the home back into the room. In the summer the sun is kept at bay to keep your home cool.

Tried And Tested

Thinsulate ™ technology has been used to insulate products for over 50 years, becoming the gold stand standard for protection against the elements; synonymous with warm. When it comes to investing in your home their are few brands that instill the confidence in your investment than 3M and Thinsulate ™.


Putting Your Health First

3M Thinsulate ™ film blocks 99% of UV rays and is therefore recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, meaning you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you and your family are protected.