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Commercial Use of 3M Thinsulate

Keeping Your Business Consistent And Safe, Whatever The Environment

Many commercial buildings are built with aesthetics in mind and the practicalities of the design choices are often an after thought. Glass is the main culprit for hot buildings in the summer months and cool temperatures in the winter. 3M Thinsulate ™ film will adapt to the outside temperature to ensure a comfortable setting for your employees or tenants regardless of the season. The film is proved to increase heat loss reduction in winter by up to 38% and boost heat rejection in the summer by up to 37%. This helps create a consistently pleasant environment for employees and customers alike. With added security and the cost benefits, window film is a business investment that is guaranteed to give added value.

Cost Savings

3M Thinsulate ™ film offers a low cost alternative to replacing existing windows as it is professionally installed on top of your existing windows. Installing window film can save you up to 10% on your energy bill.

Improved Employee Efficiency

A study carried out by researchers at Cornell University found that there is a direct correlation between office temperature and employee efficiency. The study found that a difference of just 5ºC “could increase worker’s hourly labor cost by 10 percent“. Approximately 34% of temperature imbalance in commercial buildings is due to the windows and far too often HVAC systems are installed in an attempt to regulate temperature, but regularly result in overheating or workers complaining about the cold. 3M Thinsulate ™ window is made of a patented construction that helps you keeps your office warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Retrofitting Commercial Property

Commercial buildings are subject to various limitations, whether they be branding concerns or restrictions implemented by the property owner. 3M Thinsulate ™ Window Film is virtually invisible when installed, meaning it doesn’t interfere with branding, won’t invalidate service agreements and can be used on historic buildings that need to maintain their original aesthetics (such as those found on the The National Heritage List for England).

Added Security Protection

We live and work in an increasingly volatile world. Window films serve a the double purpose of both environmental control and security functionality. Whether you want to add a layer of protection from vandalism and break-ins or more large scale attacks, film can help improve the integrity of your windowpanes protecting your company’s employees, equipment and work space.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As consumers become more switched on and more connected with each other, the ethicacy of the brands they purchase from is becoming a more important factor in their decision making process. Companies are feeling the pressure from consumers to be more accountable for what they contribution to the world, above and beyond their products and services. Global warming is an issue that effects every person on the planet and is already one of the biggest issues facing the global community. 3M Thinsulate ™ window film helps to reduce heat loss by 38% and is a measure that can be taken to reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

A Brand You Can Trust

As a business any investment needs to well considered and commercially sound. 3M is one of the most trusted brands in the world and its Thinsulate ™ technology specifically has been used to insulate products for over 50 years, becoming the gold stand standard. When it comes to quality and trust, there are few companies that instill confidence in a business decision than that of 3M.

Protecting Employee Health

3M Thinsulate ™ film blocks 99% of UV rays and is therefore recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. If your office space is rich in sunlight then it’s important to protect your employees from the potentially damaging effects of sustained UV exposure.

Minimal Disruption

A major consideration when making any investment into office improvements is effects it can have to productivity in the short-term. Thinsulate ™ window film is professionally fitted, quickly and with only internal access to the window required. This means that the disruption to your employees and business is kept to a minimum, enabling you to reap the benefits of your investment in the long-term.