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3 Ways Security Window Films can protect your Business from Damage and Break-ins

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Window film technology has come a long way over the years to evolve from just offering darkened tinting to become a much more practical and versatile addition to business premises. In addition to protecting workers, customers, or clients from the sun’s harmful UV rays and providing comfortable interior temperatures, window film can also provide added security and safety. To find out how it can become an asset to any commercial operation, see below for 3 ways security window films can protect your business from damage and break-ins:

Blast Mitigation and Shatter Control

Solar window film has advanced to include specially designed blast mitigation films that help to strengthen glass and contain the damage caused by breaking glass in the event of a blast or accident. With the heightened security environment currently prevailing, such films offer added protection should an unforeseen event occur in a place of business. Window film helps to protect the people inside the building from potentially lethal shattered glass fragments as well as minimising damage to company property.

Break-in and Burglary Deterrent

Another crucial benefit of security window films is that of deterring burglaries as it prevents prying eyes from seeing inside your businesses’ building.  People with the wrong intentions will be unable to see your property, be it valuable equipment or stock, reducing the chances of an opportunistic, or indeed planned, break-in. In addition to this, as mentioned above, window film helps to hold broken glass together if shattered and may therefore slow down and deter burglars trying to break-in.

Protecting Business Property and Equipment

After the serious security aspects of the first two points above, the third way in which window films can protect your business from damage may seem trivial at first. Whether a business is mainly comprised of offices, a warehouse, or shop, many companies invest a lot of money into the equipment they need to operate, and many others also hold stock on their premises. In this case window film helps protect equipment, stock, and furnishings from the most harmful UV rays that are one of the major causes of fading. In a business setting this can mean a large amount of capital saved through not having to replace damaged stock or equipment.

In conclusion, the three benefits mentioned above show the importance to safety and security that window films have in protecting businesses from damage and break-ins, as well how important they are becoming to commercial property owners. With the benefits of increasing protection against security threats as well as a strong deterrent of burglaries and break-ins, installing security film certainly seems good business sense.

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