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10 Inspiring Offices from Around the Globe

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The fact of the matter is that most of the population worldwide work in an office. A nine to five corporate job is just about the status quo for a good percentage of the whole work force, and while many offices are standard and boring – some companies have developed awesome offices that will keep their employees happy every day.

These are 10 of the most inspiring offices from around the world:

Google. London UK

Google is known for its amazing employee-centric work ethic and offices, and this company certainly strives to make their everyday workers feel comfortable and happy to be at work. The offices were created by interior design company Penson, who created a quirky office that includes a secret garden, a hobbit hole, a flower power meeting room and a huge, rustic cafeteria.

Skype, Sweden

The Stockholm based office is reflective of the personality associated with skype. It has bright, vibrant colours like purple chairs and sky blue ceilings – the light are shaped like clouds and it is no wonder that the employees love coming into such a colourful work place.

White Mountain Office, Sweden

If you are looking for an office perfect for an evil villain’s lair, then this is it. Located around 100 feet below Stockholm’s surface – this is one of the most unique and beautiful office spaces in the world.

Selgas Cano Architecture, Spain

This Madrid based office is located in the forest. Half of the office is a chamber located underground and the other half is made mostly of glass – meaning that nature is an ever-present theme in everyday work.


Twitter, San Francisco

Twitter’s new offices are simple but effective. Bold, bright and beautiful colours bring the space alive. The Twitter bird and “@” sign make their way into décor throughout the office.

Hyves, Amsterdam

Based in Holland, Hyves has created a vibrant and colourful office that will delight any employees or visitors. Bright oranges, whites and blues mix and match, creating a fun and funky work environment.

Pallota Teamworks, LA

Clive Wilkinson Architects went all out for these offices. Located in a huge warehouse in LA, employees work in modern shipping containers and large tents in a completely unique office space.

Invention Land, Pittsburgh, USA

The name of the company says it all. With 15 different themes, you can find a pirate ship, caves, red-carpets, a castle and a giant robot. It’s a unique and creative work environment that keeps ensure employees are always in touch with their inner child.

Traction Marketing Group, Oklahoma

These guys took a plain and pretty boring warehouse and created a colourful, unique office in it. Full of vibrant colours and modern designs, employees can enjoy a well-developed mix of blues, greys, greens and browns.

Microsoft, Austria

INNOCAD designed and created what can be argued as Microsoft’s most innovative offices. The office has themed meeting rooms which run from a hunting lodge to the ocean. Bright, bold colours and a plant/living wall make this an awesome office to come into every day for work.

Now if you can’t afford to give your office a dramatic revamp by creating the inside of a castle like the organisations we have mentioned; why not try something a little closer to home? Companies are finding more and more ways to inspire their workforce and this is something we can help with. If your office doesn’t have the most exhilarating view, bespoke window film can ensure the whole office is looking out at a beautiful landscape instead.



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